Sales Process Management

Maximize every opportunity by crafting a sales process that fits your business.

Auto-assign every lead to the right sales rep

Make sure each deal is handled by the rep who’s most likely to close it, based on criteria such as territory, product type, or lead source.

sales process automation nutshell crm

Set up your sales process to remind reps of the next step

Quickly see what needs to happen next on every deal, and speed up the onboarding of new sales reps.

sales process automation nutshell crm

Sync your calendar and stay on top of your tasks

Stop stressing about forgotten obligations and blown deadlines. Nutshell remembers it all for you.

sales process automation nutshell crm

Save time with personalized email templates

Tired of writing the same introductions over and over again? With Nutshell, you can fire off personalized emails to prospects in seconds.

sales process automation nutshell crm

Make, record, and log phone calls with one click

Already forgot how many units a customer ordered? With Nutshell, the call’s audio is recorded and logged automatically.

sales process automation nutshell crm

We have built an amazing sales process in Nutshell that has led to us having around a 30% close rate for all our leads.

Matthew W. Product Manager SafetySync

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